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Gratitude of infested hipster urbanites

19 July 2013

It has been way too long since I have been here, and I forgot how much this place is home. Well to recap I lived in LA for two years, and loved it.  It was the perfect balance of adventure, urban hipsterdom, and home.  The things I love most about LA has to be all the great food and nostalgic classic rock venues.  I do wish I crossed more of both off my lists, but now that I know LA like an insider I know which neighborhood to venture forth in. The annoying part of LA has to be parking.  Traffic I can manage, but no parking and $15 valet tickets are just too much.  Part two is that rent is crazy  expensive unless you are living in Koreatown, and Lexy party of 1 was just too broke to have fun.

I will say LA will hold a special place in my heart for getting me back to the real me. I found God again, and a comfortable solitude in the city.  I made great connections and really spent time healing and growing, and most importantly moving on from the past. Something about taking the Red line and traveling amongst the vagrants gave me a renewed appreciation of what life is really about. My heart will always be part of the crazy hipster infested town.  I am thankful for the experience, but ready for change once again.

For the moment, that just means being home in the OC.  And although I plan for it to be a permanent plantation I can never quite anticipate the direction of the wind.


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